Some mornings do not start out well. My first memory of last Sunday was the cheerful insistent music coming from my phone telling me to wake up! I reached over to silence this happy little insensitive electronic and knocked over my bedside glass of water instead. That woke me up in a hurry and I […]

Today’s post is just an excerpt from a book I am reading. It feels very true to me as it lines up with what i have experienced in the past..only worded much better than I could put it 🙂 Enjoy! From The Seeking Heart: One person’s most present pressing need may be meaningful relationships, another’s […]

Sometimes I am not the best at expressing my feelings in a way that makes sense. For examples, I have a life long issue with apologizing too much. Years ago, I would say “I’m sorry” to most anything. I meant it in a “man, I feel distressed that happening to you” sort of way. The […]

On a leisurely bike ride through Brookside, I sense I am being followed. Just paranoia, I assume, but low and behold I am being followed…By a super friendly, shortish, red headed man who is not wearing a shirt (it’s November). Sensing I have noticed him, he proceeds to shout out pleasant small talk at my […]

Today felt like a Monday and not just any Monday but a January 2nd kind of Monday. I am generally a cheerful person. However, January 2nd tests my resolve. All the fun things to which one has been looking forward are long gone. There are no major events on the horizon. Me and my fellow […]